About us

Swiss Hours is based in Hong Kong and specialises in vintage watches and collectable modern watches. We have been a trusted purveyor of timepieces to wholesale and retail customers for over 30 years.

Founded by passion, our trade began in the early 1990s and we were well-known for our inventory and specialised knowledge of pre-owned vintage Rolex watches. Over time, as our customer base grew, we extended our trade and expertise to new and modern watches. Today, we continue to uphold our roots in vintage watches as well as keep an eye on the market to bring you collectible timepieces from the modern and neo-vintage eras and independent brands.

Every watch in our collection has been carefully and thoughtfully selected by us. Our collection spans brands, styles, eras and price points, in hopes that we have something for every watch lover out there.

On top of watches, we also have an inventory of unrestored watches, accessories and other collectable items, which could interest some of you traders and collectors. We hope you can find something of use.

Happy browsing. We're excited to share our collection with you.


Hong Kong Precious Metals and Stones Dealer
Registration No.: A-B-23-11-02310